teeth whitening...

teeth whitening

Transform your smile in a matter of minutes.


Transform your smile in a matter of minutes...


Teeth whitening will help to restore the natural radiance of your teeth giving you confidence to smile.  A whiter smile is one of the easiest ways to dramatically improve your look and make you feel more confident.  Dermal Remedy uses the most advanced, cutting edge equipment and TGA approved teeth whitening products to make your smile bright and white.  Teeth whitening is painless, quick and effective.  The impact of the whitening treatment is instant and noticeable immediately.  You will be delighted with your new confident smile that is absolutely pain free.

15 Minute Treatment

99 l 30 minutes

up to 4+ shades lighter


*this is a great treatment time for persons who have already had

their teeth whitened in the past and just need a top up

30 Minute Treatment

129 l 45 minutes

up to 8+ shades lighter

45 Minute Treatment

159 l 1 hour

up to 12+ shades lighter

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