Black Magic Vibe 2-4-6 Hour Tan


Created using Advanced Development Technology, the vibe tan has no odour, no fragrance and offers the ultimate wearing experience. The colour result is AMAZING and the nourishing and hydrating qualities are in high demand.

You will instantly love how Vibe feels on your skin and of course the fabulous, deeper instant colour.

Vibe is a violet base that delivers fantastic performance for those wanting to counteract a yellow/orange undertone.

Full Body Tan          $25

Before and after care...

Before your spray tan...

  • Make sure you shower and exfoliate well the day before or day of your spray tan. 

  • Do not apply any moisturisers or fragrances after showering as these can form a barrier to the spray tan solution and will reduce the ability to apply an even colour all over but, if your skin is dry apply a light water based lotion lightly and evenly to skin at least 2 hours prior to your sunless tan.

  • Make sure you wax at least 1 to 2 days before your tanning treatment.

  • Make sure you  shave prior to coming in.

  • Wear loose, dark clothes to your appointment as you don’t want anything tight that will rub where the tan is developing on your skin. For females – if you can go without a bra afterward for a couple of hours, all the better.

  • Do not apply oils at any time prior to or after your sunless tan.

  • Remove make-up prior to your sunless tanning application for best results.

  • Do not wear wool, nylon, or silk during or after your sunless application and for at least 8 hours as DHA may react with these fabrics and cause staining.

  • Bring thongs or similar open-toed shoes to wear afterward.

After your spray tan...

The better you care for your spray tan, the longer it will last. Here are some tips and advice on ensuring that you get the most out of your treatment.

  • Ideally wait 2-4-6 hours after the spray tan as been applied before you shower – the longer you leave it on the darker the tan will develop.  2 hours-light tan.  4 hours-medium tan.  6 hours-dark tan. (do not leave on for longer than 6 hours though as it may over-process)

  • Gently pat yourself dray after your shower.

  • Try not to get caught in the rain following your appointment as raindrops may distort where the tan has been applied and you may end up with small white dots where the rain has landed.

  • Avoid washing your hands or feet following your treatment until at least the 2 hour mark has been reached.

  • Try not to get too hot and sweaty immediately afterward (no gym sessions or running until after you have showered!).

  • Until you shower, wear loose baggy clothes to ensure the tan can develop freely and not be rubbed off by tight waistbands or bra straps.

  • Once you have showered, you will notice the bronzer washing away, leaving you looking tanned and glowing underneath. From this point on hydration is the key! The tan will continue to develop even after the shower, so do not be alarmed if you’re not as tanned as you expect to be.

  • The tan will continue to develop over the next 12-24 hours.

  • Keep skin well moisturised following your treatment as this will increase the longevity of the tan as well as ensuring that it fades evenly and doesn’t become patchy.

  • Try and use a non-abrasive skin wash so that the tan is not stripped away by the chemicals in your soap or shower gels.

How to maintain your spray tan...

Spray tans can last from 4 – 10 days if cared for correctly. To maintain your tan, make sure that you moisturize and use CORRECT products. Using the wrong products can cause your tan to fade quicker than normal.  The following is a list of body care products that could potentially have a fading or blotchy effect on your spray tan. This is only a guide and not everyone will have an issue with these items or products.

  • AHA products 

  • Anti-acne products that exfoliate or dry the skin

  • Anti-aging products that exfoliate skin 

  • Bar soaps 

  • BHA products

  • Retin-A products 

  • Body Hair Bleach Products 

  • Toners containing Alcohols or Witch Hazel can lighten tan 

  • Facial masks & exfoliating scrubs

  • Body spray, perfumes, and bug spray when they are sprayed directly on skin.  We recommend that you

  • spray your clothing or spray into the air then walk through. 

  • Hair inhibiting Lotions can cause your tan to yellow 

  • Exercising often or large amount of sweating can cause your tan to fade faster, especially in body fold areas. 

  • Makeup remover cleaning products or oils 

  • Submersion in hot tub or swimming pool and sometimes even habitual long hot baths. 

  • Using a loofah, mitt, scrub etc. for daily washing 

  • Waxing unwanted hair or depilatory hair removal products


Questions and answers...


Do I have to get naked?

As the spray tan needs to be applied by a therapist, you will need to get undressed to some degree. We provide the option of a disposable g-string, although you are welcome to wear your own underwear if that makes you feel more comfortable. Or nothing at all if you don’t want any bikini lines.

How long will my spray tan last?

Spray tans can last from 4 – 10 days if cared for correctly. To maintain your tan, make sure that you moisturize and use CORRECT products. Using the wrong products can cause your tan to fade quicker than normal.


Can I have a bikini or brazilian wax on the day of my spray tan?

We don’t recommend this for two reasons – firstly the wax residue means that it is difficult to apply the spray tanning solution evenly to the waxed areas. Secondly, because your pores will have opened slightly during the wax, we don’t think it’s a good idea to spray any solutions directly on the skin at that point. We recommend you have you waxing done the day before if possible.

How can I be sure what the tan will look like before my wedding or special occasion?

It is recommend to come in for a practice tan 2 or 3 weeks before the big day. That way you have an opportunity to see what it looks and feels like and be comfortable with the therapist.  Also, make sure the therapist knows when the wedding is as she will be able to advise on the best timings to do your spray tan (especially if you’re fitting it around manicure and pedicure appointments as well as the many other commitments you may have on the days leading up to your event).


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