These facial treatments will lighten + brighten pigmentation, sooth + hydrate dry/sensitized skin, improve texture of  superficial acne scars, minimize fine lines+ soften deep wrinkles.


Spring Facial Series Includes

3 Skin Conditioning Facial Treatments 


3 Full Size Skin Conditioning Facial Products


Special $479 (reg $658)


#1 Enzyme Facial Treatment with Dermaplaning

Facial includes a skin analysis, deep cleanse, face neck + décolletage massage, exfoliation (dermaplaning + enzyme treatment), hydrating mask, foot + calf massage, hydration + SPF protection, scalp massage



#2 Energising Facial Treatment with Green Power Rebuilder

Facial includes a deep cleanse, mask, foot and calf massage, extractions (if needed), exfoliation (green power), hydration + SPF protection, scalp massage



#3 Enzyme Facial Treatment with Green Power Rebuilder

Facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation (green power + enzyme treatment), hydration + SPF protection, scalp massage






Green Power Rebuilder is an organic alternative to chemical peels.  This finely milled herb is a unique treatment option that mimics the effects of micro skin needling by creating thousands of micro channels in the skin to stimulate new collagen production treating all sorts of skin concerns.


Enzyme Treatments are designed to improve and enhance the health of the skin.   They are a means of exfoliating the skin by breaking down the intercellular glue that holds together dead skin cells.  A "shedding" of dead skin then occurs which speeds up cell turnover rate, bringing new skin to the surface at a faster rate.


Dermaplaning will reveal fresh, bright skin.  This treatment is a physical exfoliation that removes excess skin and vellus hair.  It allows for better penetration of enzymes and products deeper into the epidermis, resulting in a youthful luminous glow; an increase in cellular turnover and a smoother skin texture.  An excellent treatment for  those with rosacea, sensitive, and thinning or dry skin.


When an Enzyme Treatment is incorporated  into a Green Power Treatment it makes the facial  more advanced and further targets your skin care needs.