Our advanced, age defying, wrinkle refining and collagen boosting moisturiser infused with native medicinal plant extracts to help promote cellular antioxidant and repair mechanisms. The Nutridermaceuticals® in Dermatonics® Beauty Elixir have been scientifically proven to assist in boosting collagen and skin elasticity while protecting cellular components to help your skin look younger.



Ageing skin or Age prevention

Sensitive or Eczema-Prone Skin

Dry or Dehydrated skin



Cupuaҫu butter

Calycophyllum spruceanum

Buriti fruit extract

Pro-vitamin B5

Alpha-lipoic acid

Hyaluronic acid

Resveratrol-rich grape extract

Essential amino acids

Alpha-tocopherol (natural vitamin E)

Pomegranate seed extract

Vitamin B3

N-acetyl cysteine

Beauty Elixir