Lira Clinical believes in a healing approach to peeling.  This philosophy helps to optimize results with less down time.  Lira Clinical does this by formulating resurfacing solutions with healing minerals, botanical extracts, and plant stem cells for cellular repair.


Using the latest plant stem cell technology, Lira Clinical Peels are redefining aesthestics. Designed to stimulate epidermal skin cell turnover and promote healthy collagen and elastin production, Lira Clinical Peels combine the best of nature and science, to deliver skin rejuvenation at a cellular level.  

Lira Clinical Peels are a first aid for the skin, providing optimal results and improving the overall health and vitality of the skin. The Lira system treats skin problems such as wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, sun damage rosacea and more.

Lira’s unique range of plant-derived Stem Cell Technology (SCT) peels are packed with age-defying peptides, antioxidants, proteins and minerals, designed to improve the texture and appearance of all skin types and conditions. 

Vita Brite Refresher

This gentle, enzyme treatment resurfaces, corrects, brightens, hydrates and protects the skin.  It will improve your skin's overall health, reduce the appearance of  rosacea symptoms and calm red inflamed skin.  Lira Clinicals unique blend of vitamin C,  , mandelic acid, salicylic acids, plant stem cells and peptides will leave your skin refreshed, soothed and rejuvenated.  This treatment will improve the texture, tone and complexion of your skin and will instantly appear smoother, brighter, calmer and clearer with no down time.  Makes a great introductory peel and maintenance treatment, safe for diabetics and use during pregnancy and breast feeding.  Perfect treatment for those who want instant results with no down time.   


$95  1hr

Lactic Clear Definer

Correct, clear and brighten your skin using a unique blend of lactic acid, kojic acid and mandelic acid, plant stem cells, and a bold botanical blend.  Your skin will be clearer, vibrant with brown spots lightened and a more even skin tone. This treatment hydrates and corrects photo-damaged, pigmentated, melasma and over exposed skin.    The Lactic Clear is very effective for hormonal imbalanced skin and will fade the appearance of post inflammatory pigmentation, stimulate collagen production to reduce signs of photo-ageing.  Soften and smooth the skin’s texture and increase skins radiance and vitality with this facial peel.

$75  45min

Pumpkin Plus Definer

Renew and refresh  dull aging skin with this universal anti-aging treatment that uses a unique blend of glygolic/lactic acids, pumpkin enzymes and retinol.  Packed full of antioxidants, plant stem cells, peptides and skin healing vitamins this treatment leaves your skin glowing and revitalized.  Improve the structure of your skin by preventing the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers that results in sagging skin.  Youthful skin will be restored, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, damaged skin cells are repaired and further signs of aging are prevented.  The versatile delivery system found in the pumpkin plus peel makes it ideal for all skin types and safe to use during pregnancy.

$75  45min

Green Power Rebuilder

Correct, clear, refine and lighten the skin.  Using a combination of unique herbs, this treatment is a natural exfoliator that stimulates blood circulation, intensifies metabolism and induces the regeneration of the skin by production of new cells and collagen fibers. This will even out skin tone, minimize fine lines, wrinkles and scarring.  The Green Power Peel is ideal for any skin type and can be customised to reach your desired skin depth for an optimum tightening effect of lack luster, sagging skin while advanced peptides and plant stem cells calm and soothe acne inflammation, and reduce the appearance of acne scarring. 


$85  45min

Sal Pulp Refresh

This tropical treatment brightens skin tone while managing and reducing acne.  The Sal Pulp Definer contains an exotic blend of various fruit pulps and botanical extracts making this peel packed with anti oxidants.  Retinol infusion makes this treatment perfect for acne-prone, resistive or pigmentated skin.  Designed specifically for acne grades 1 through 4 it also addresses age prevention on mature skin types.  Advanced peptides and plant stem cells help heal and rejuvenate skin back to a state of health, harmony and beauty.

$75  45min

Mineral Retinol Refresh 

This cutting edge retinol solution heals, restores and reveals beautiful skin.  The Mineral Retinol Solution has an innovative formulation infused with gold and silver, minerals, plant stem cells and advanced ingredients.  This solution can be used as a stand alone anti-aging treatment or a secondary booster to enhance many of the Lira Clinical Resurfacing Treatments.

$80  45min

Before and after care...


Before your treatment...

  • Preparing the skin for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to these treatments with certain products  will ensure optimum results. Healthy skin will respond better and results will last longer. Skin cells need nutrients for best function and a recommended regime should be followed.

  • One week prior (and two weeks after), avoid extensive sun exposure. Apply physical sun screen (spf containing zinc) as part of your daily skin care regimen before routine exposure to daylight.

  • One week prior (and two weeks after), avoid electrolysis, waxing, depilatory creams, and laser hair removal.

  • For men, please avoid shaving on the day of treatment. 

  • If possible, please arrive with a fully cleaned face (no makeup, cologne or aftershave).

  • Clients with active cold sores or warts, wounded, sunburn, excessively sensitive skin, dermatitis or inflammatory rosacea in the area to be treated should be excluded from the Lira Clinical Peel because the procedure could potentially precipitate a flare up or spreading. Inform your therapist if you have any history of herpes simplex.

  • Patients with a history of allergies, rashes, or other skin reactions may be sensitive to treatments. 

  • These peels are not recommended if you have taken Accutane within the past year, or received chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

  • With the exception of couple Lira Clinical resurfacing treatments, these should not be administered to pregnant or lactating women.

After your treatment...

  • Until the skin is completely healed, a recommended regime of skin care products should be used.​

  • The peel performed on your skin may cause increased sensitivity.  Side effects may include, but are not limited to stinging, itching-irritation, redness swelling, tightness, peeling and scabbing.

  • For 3 days following the peel, avoid seating, heavy exercise, hot baths/showers and having your hair coloured.  

  • Until the skin is completely healed (approximately 7 days post treatment), avoid scrubbing, picking or rubbing, which could lead to scarring.

  • The skin may appear red and flushed immediately after the treatment.  Over the next, approximately 7 days, the skin may feel tight and appear tan in colour.  Rarely, the skin may appear splotchy.  Peeling may begin anywhere from 1-3 days post peel.  The peeling usually starts around the mouth, chin, cheeks and the eyes.  The neck and forehead are often the last areas to peel.  Peeling can last up to seven days.  It is important to understand the peeling process and not to pull on loose sin.  Hyper pigmentation and infection can occur when loose skin is pulled.

  • Protect the skin from direct sun exposure with physical sun protection (SPF containing zinc) for a minimum of 3 days post-treatment to prevent hyper pigmentation.  A hat may be worn if necessary.  Compliance with the use of a daily sun screen on an ongoing basis is mandatory, especially with exfoliation treatments.

  • You may introduce your normal skin care products, including AHA's and retinoids, once your skin is complexly healed (approximately 1 week post peel procedure).

  • If you experience any complications after your peel, including an allergic reaction or excessive and continued peeling, please contact your skincare professional.

Questions and Answers...


How will peels help my skin?

As we age our skin cell turnover rate begins to slow down resulting in a build-up of the outer damaged skin layers and a subsequent dull looking complexion. In addition fine lines, uneven skin tone and pigmentation all contribute to making us look older than we would like.

Peels are non-invasive treatments that can greatly improve the appearance of the skin by eliminating these outer skin layers revealing glowing, luminous skin and preventing further damage by enhancing the overall health of the skin.

What will my skin look like immediately after the treatment?
Your skin may have a pinkish glow to it, which may persist for 1-24 hours after the treatment.  I recommend Lira BB CREME, which not only covers the redness but also aids in the healing process.


Will there be any downtime?
This depends on the type of peel chosen to treat your skin concerns.  Due to the stem cells, peptides and antioxidants that are added into Lira Clinical Peels, downtime is reduced.  You may experience peeling 24-36 hours after the treatment or you may experience a light flaking for around 2-7 days.

What if my skin doesn’t peel?
Lack of flaking or peeling is not an indication that the treatment was unsuccessful.  If you do not notice actual peeling, you are still receiving all of the benefits of your treatment, such as improvement of skin tone, texture, and appearance of fine lines and hyper pigmentation.  There are a number of reasons why some people may not experience peeling, such as severe sun damage, having peels regularly with short intervals between treatments, and frequent use of Rentin-A, Retinol, or AHA’s.

Can I have other treatments alongside Lira Clinical Peels?
Lira believes in a universal resurfacing approach.  Lira protocols can be combined with dermaplaning,  micro skin needling and more.


How many treatments might be required?
Generally 3-6 treatments, 2-4 weeks apart.

Can you treat pigmentation with Lira Clinical Peels?
Yes you can, very effective results can be experienced.  Please note for some, dark spots may appear darker before shedding off.  Take this as a good sign.

Can pregnant women have peels?
With the exception of couple Lira Clinical resurfacing treatments, these should not be administered to pregnant or lactating women.

Are there any other individuals who should not be treated?
A professional resurfacing treatment such as Lira Clinical Peels should not be performed on people with active cold sores or warts, skin with open wounds, severe sunburn, excessively sensitive skin, dermatitis or inflammatory rosacea in the area being treated, or an autoimmune disease. 

Should I avoid the sun after peels?
Yes, it is recommended that you should avoid direct sun exposure for at least 48 hours after the treatment.  I recommend Lira SOLAR SHIELD 30 OIL FREE with PSC after the peel.

What is the cost?

Peels start at $75

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