Using a combination of swedish and deep tissue techniques, this rhythmic massage works to sooth and gently release muscle tension from head to toe.  Relax and unwind even the tiredest of muscles.

30 minute massage    $35

60 minute massage    $60

Before and after your massage...


Before your massage...

  • Please arrive clean and showered, free of sand and salt or dirt, as this may feel uncomfortable being massaged over your body like a scratching feeling. 

  • You will fill out a form detailing your medical background and any areas of pain or allergies before starting your massage session.  Once your treatment has been discussed, your therapist leave the room  and allow to prepare for your massage by lying underneath a sheet or a towel.  Some might choose to completely remove all items of clothes, including underwear, while others might choose to keep their underwear on. This is a personal choice.

Throughout the massage...

  • The massage therapist will only uncover the part of the body they are working on at the time. This will allow you to keep the rest of your body warm and comfortable throughout the session.

  • The therapist will ask how the pressure is throughout the massage so they are assured you are enjoying it.  If you are finding the pressure is too hard or too light, let your therapist know so they can adjust accordingly.

  • Relax your body and your mind

After your massage...

  • When your massage session is over, just lay and rest for a few minutes before getting up to get dressed.   

  • It is important to stay hydrated after your massage.  Drink plenty of water.


Questions and answers...

What is relaxation massage?

Relaxation massage is all about relaxing. It focuses on giving you time to recover from the stresses of daily life. When you receive a relaxation massage, the treatment involves:

  • Long smooth gliding strokes that are rhythmic and flowing

  • Pressure that is deeply relaxing, but not painful

  • A treatment that is designed to soothe and relax you, not to relieve chronic pain or other underlying ailments

What are the benefits of relaxation massage?

The benefits of a relaxation massage can last for several days after your treatment. Relaxation massage – like other forms of massage - can offer the following benefits:

  • Lower blood pressure – at least for a while

  • Improve circulation

  • Improve skin tone and appearance

  • Reduction in muscle tension including the relief of muscle tension headaches

  • Improve any stress-related symptoms.


Can I claim relaxation massage on my health insurance?

Sorry, you cannot claim your relaxation massage on health insurance at Dermal Remedy

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